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February 22, 2013

XiaoMi Phone 2A With New Design And Enhanced Specs In Working

(GSM Insider) - XiaoMi Phone 2A With New Design And Enhanced Specs In Working.

Last year, XiaoMi unveiled the XiaoMi Phone 2 and XiaoMi Phone 1S. So the same goes to this year as XiaoMi is working on two new devices this year. That is the XiaoMi Phone 3 and XiaoMi Phone 2A (also known as XiaoMi Mi-2A).

According to sources from China, the XiaoMi Phone 2A is in working. This is because XiaoMi Phone users successfully found the accessories of XiaoMi Phone 2A at the XiaoMi Store. However, no images yet on those accessories as only names available at the moment. 

The accessories of XiaoMi Phone 2A that leaked were included charging dock, back cover as well as the screen protector. There are multiple colors of XiaoMi Phone 2A back cover. From those leaked accessories, XiaoMi Phone 2A could have the display size that close to XiaoMi Phone 2. However, the battery and back cover are not the same. This shows that XiaoMi Phone 2A and XiaoMi Phone 2 are not having the same design. 

Yesterday, the alleged back cover of XiaoMi Phone 2 leaked. It revealed that the XiaoMi Phone 3 has a metal-made body. We shall see exciting new XiaoMi Phones coming this year. 

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