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January 11, 2013

Samsung Confirms ATIV Tab Windows RT Not Releasing In United States

(GSM Insider) - Samsung Confirms ATIV Tab Windows RT Not Releasing In United States.

If you are waiting this tablet, then you should change your target now. Because Samsung confirms this Windows RT tablet in not releasing in the US anytime soon.

In the recent interviews with CNET, Samsung executive Mike Abary reveals that the Windows RT powered Samsung ATIV Tab will not on sale in the US. He added that the it needs high investment on money to educate the consumers on what Windows RT about and retail partners are not convince with the demand on this tablet.

This move shows the failure of Microsoft in promoting its Windows RT. Recently, the Windows 8 getting more attention then the Windows RT. Almost everyone knew about the Windows 8 while so few of them understood what Windows RT about. The worst part is many people never heard of Windows RT.

Every fingers should point on Microsoft on its failure to promote the Windows RT. The interested of the retailers on the Windows RT tablets are getting lesser. This is something Microsoft should focus on.

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