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February 27, 2013

Qualcomm And MediaTek Discontinue Development Of 8-Core Mobile Processor

(GSM Insider) - Qualcomm And MediaTek Discontinue Development Of 8-Core Mobile Processor.

Samsung is the only mobile processor manufacturer that introduced the 8-core processor to date. It is the Exynos 5 Octa. Instead of rolling out 8-core processor, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and MediaTek continue to introduce quad-core processors. 

Tegra 4 is the latest processor from NVIDIA while Qualcomm has Snapdragon 600 and Snapdragon 800 that are quad-core processors too. Taiwanese company MediaTek introduced the MT6589 low budget quad-core processor in the last year. So, where is 8-core processor? 

According to industry sources, Qualcomm and MediaTek set to discontinue the development of 8-core processor because the market does not need any 8-core processor at the moment. MediaTek added that it will use its resources to focus on the development of value added services to its smartphone platform rather than the development of 8-core processor. 

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