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September 12, 2012

New iPod Touch vs 7th-Gen New iPod Nano - Apple New iPods Size Comparison

(GSM Insider) - Today, Apple unveils two new iPods - iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Both media players come with fresh and new design that no longer similar with previous designs. The iPod Nano comes with tall and slim design while the New iPod Touch comes with the design same like iPhone 5. Look and the images below and see the comparison between new iPod Touch and New iPod Nano when both devices placed side by side. 


The new iPod Touch certainly with the larger screen makes the new iPod Nano looks tiny. This is because the new iPod Touch comes with 4.0 inch display like the iPhone 5 while the new iPod Nano comes with only 2.5 inch display. There are many differences between both media players although both in the iPod Series. 

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Here are all information and details on new iPod Touch and new iPod Nano:

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