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September 12, 2012

Apple iPod Nano (7th Generation) Gets Hands On Images Gallery - How The New iPod Nano Fits In Your Hand?

(GSM Insider) - Today, the seventh generation iPod Nano announces by Google at the Apple event at Yerba Buena Center. This new iPod Nano comes with slim and tall design with a 2.5 inch display. The music playback time now up to 30 hours after fully charged. Before purchase the iPod Nano, you might interested in how the 7th-gen iPod Nano fits into your hands. So see the images at below:

These seven colours of new iPod Nano provide more choices for the younger generation who like to listen to music and watching video on their mobile devices. It is a slim and tall device. But when it placed beside the new iPod Touch. It looks tiny from size. Just cannot compare 2.5 inch with 4 inch display. 

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