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March 6, 2013

CEO Lei Jun Says 2013 Will Be A "Do Or Die" Year For XiaoMi Technology

(GSM Insider) - CEO Lei Jun Says 2013 Will Be A "Do Or Die" Year For XiaoMi Technology.

If you are getting the XiaoMi Phone 2 or XiaoMi Mi2 outside China, you should know that it is hard to get this device because it has been sold out for many times. Many analysts criticized that XiaoMi using the "hunger marketing" plan for its XiaoMi Phone 2. So, what is hunger marketing? 

Hunger marketing plan is very popular among smartphone makers in China. With the hunger marketing plan, the OEMs only released certain units for that particular device. For example, the first round of XiaoMi Phone 2 on sale with only limited 25,000 units available. The numbers are increasing slowly from time to time. This is to ensure the device sold out everytime on sale.  

In recent interviews, XiaoMi CEO Lei Jun slams those claims about the Hunger Marketing of XiaoMi. He stated that each device has only about 3 to 6 month life cycle. It isn't a smart move to adopt the Hunger Marketing on technological devices. At the moment, XiaoMi adopted the method where it ordered the device batch by batch from the manufacturer. This is the main reason why it XiaoMi Phone 2 on sale by batches. 

XiaoMi CEO Lei Jun concluded that the year 2013 will be a "do or die" year for the company. It is ready to battle with leading OEMs like Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo in the local Chinese market. 

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