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August 17, 2012

Mystery ASUS TF500T Tablet Arrives At FCC, Could Be Another Tablet Of Transformer Series

(GSM Insider) - A mystery tablet arrives at FCC - the Asus TF500T. From the rear side of the product, we can roughly see the design similiar to the Transformer Series of the Asus. In addition, from the model number of TF500T, it is similar with the model number of Transformer Pad (TF300) and pricier Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700). From this, we can predict that the ASUS TF500T tablet could be between both of those tablets.

From the FCC document, the tablet comes with WiFi, HDMI Port and a microphone port. The ASUS TF500T tablet could feature HD display. We still dont know whether this is an Android tablet or Windows tablet. However, the ASUS TF500T on the way to the USA. Stay tuned for latest updates. [Source]

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