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February 22, 2013

Asus Promises "Ultimate Craftsmanship" Devices For Mobile World Congress 2013

(GSM Insider) - Asus Promises "Ultimate Crafstmanship" Devices For Mobile World Congress 2013.

With a few days to go to the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Asus releases the teaser about the event. One thing for sure is Asus will bring new devices to the event. 

From the video, Asus did focus on the Barcelona City. The teaser gave us two possible hints: Ultimate Craftsmanship and Metallic Miracle. Seems like the Taiwanese company prepares for more metallic finished devices with nice design. 

One of the Asus new devices that set for an appearance at the MWC 2013 is a hybrid device where a phone and a tablet combined. Rumors said that it is the Asus FonePad. No matter what, stay tuned at GSM Insider for the latest news from MWC 2013. 

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