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March 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 In Purple Set For Launch In The America

(GSM Insider) - Samsung Galaxy S3 In Purple Set For Launch In The America.

Folks that living in the United States are damn lucky as another new device is arriving. It is the Samsung Galaxy S3 in purple color. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is old but the purple color version will be the latest. 

According to the internal document of Sprint, it reveals that Samsung Galaxy S3 in purple is set to for launch in the coming weeks. The launch date of the Sprint Galaxy S3 in purple falls on April 12, 2013. There is only  the 16GB version and the leaked document did not mention on either 32GB or 64GB versions. 

Unfortunately, no pricing yet on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in purple. But the Samsung Galaxy S4 set for launch a month earlier than the April 12, 2013. The purple might be appealing but the Samusng Galaxy S4 is coming soon. 

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