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March 4, 2013

Mysterious HongMi Phone From XiaoMi Surfaced Again, It Has 4.7-inch Display

(GSM Insider) - Mysterious HongMi Phone From XiaoMi Surfaced Again, It Has 4.7-inch Display.

On last week, the HongMi Phone already leaked for the first time. Earlier today, the HongMi Phone leaks again and this time with more information about the red color device. In case you don't know what is HongMi, then you should read one of our posts regarding the introduction of HongMi

Sources from China posted about the HongMi device again. The HongMi Phone which is in red color appeared again and showed us the back look once more. Sorry, no front look of the HongMi Phone yet. 

According to sources, the HongMi Phone supports the TD-SCDMA network. Basically, the HongMi Phone is heading China Mobile or maybe it is compatible with three major networks in China. 

The sources added that the HongMi Phone prototype is available for quite sometimes. But the design of HongMi Phone isn't as good as the XiaoMi Phone 2. This is the main reason why XiaoMi never release any HongMi Phone till now. 

The leaked information indicates that the HongMi Phone isn't related to XiaoMi after all. The HongMi could be another sub-brand from XiaoMi that focusing on TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE devices. 

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