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September 24, 2012

When Nokia 808 PureView Runs On Android..... It Became 808 Android Phone

(GSM Insider) - Nokia 808 PureView gets worldwide attention when Nokia introduced it to the market because of the 41 mega-pixel camera with PureView technology. The Nokia 808 PureView runs on Symbian which is no longer popular. So you ever dreamt of Nokia 808 PureView runs on Android? Yes. It is here!

This is 808 Android phone. It has the design of Nokia 808 PureView but it does not has every specs of Nokia 808 PureView. This 808 Android Phone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The 808 Android phone comes with 3.2 mega-pixel shooter instead of the 41 mega-pixel with PureView. 

The screen size is same with the 3.5 inches of original Nokia 808 PureView. The processor speed is only 550MHz and the RAM memory is only 256MB. However, it supports dual-SIM mode. From the low specs, it only cost consumer $75.50 or 460 YUAN. 

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