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March 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Plastic Made Body, Not Metal Made Body

(GSM Insider) - Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Plastic Made Body, Not Metal Made Body.

In the past, there were many rumors stated that Samsung Galaxy S4 set to feature metal made body as Samsung set to ditch the plastic from its upcoming flagship. Look like this isn't the case for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to the latest interviews with VP of Samsung Mobile, Lee says that Samsung isn't ready to ditch the plastic materials for the Galaxy S4. The plastic materials will dominate the body of Samsung Galaxy S4 instead of the metal materials. 

Lee added that the success of Samsung Galaxy S Series in the past largely thanks to its ability to mass produce the Samsung Galaxy S3 and other predecessors. He hints that the plastic materials were one of those factors in the past. 

The question is "Will Samsung ditch the plastic body for the metal body?". The answer will be no. This is because Samsung cannot confirm how fast the production of the metal body. At least the plastic materials brought success to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung definitely not going to take any risk. 

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