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March 3, 2013

LG Sold More Than 10 Million Units Of 4G LTE Devices To Date

(GSM Insider) - LG Sold More Than 10 Million Units Of 4G LTE Devices To Date.

LG has just announced something it should proud about as it has sold more than 10 million units of 4G LTE device worldwide. Recently, LG has been consistently releasing 4G LTE devices to different regions around the world. 

One of its main weapons is the LG Optimus G that was launched recently in the global market. The LG Optimus G isn't just a powerful device but it has blazing fast 4G LTE connectivity on board. If LG Optimus G not the best 4G LTE device in the market then surely one of many out there. [Extra reading: LG Optimus F5 hands-on; LG Optimus F7 hands-on]

LG confirms that it is going to explore more 4G LTE market around the world and eager to release more 4G LTE devices as well. At the Mobile World Congress 2013 last month, LG showcased the LG Optimus F Series that is based on 4G LTE device. LG Optimus F5 and LG Optimus F7 are two of the devices under the F Series. Furthermore, LG planned to introduce more affordable 4G LTE devices in the near future.

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