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March 5, 2013

LG Mobile Is Focusing On High End Smartphones, Not Interested In Price War With Chinese Manufacturers

(GSM Insider) - LG Mobile Is Focusing On High End Smartphones, Isn't Interested In Price War With Chinese Manufacturers.

According to Park Jong-seok from LG, he said that the smartphone market is very competitive as there are many players there. The company will not focus on just a product but will introduce more types of product soon. 

LG plans to increase the production speed as well as the product quality. The main plan for LG in this year is to ensure the sales of 10 million units of devices each quarter. 

Park said that LG is similar to other manufacturers and admitted the Chinese is a huge growing market. But it isn't easy to get market share in the Chinese market. LG has a new plan for the Chinese market which is to focus on high end devices only. He added that it is no meaning to have a price war with Chinese manufacturers. 

In the future, LG's high end smartphones will feature the display from LG Display, battery from LG Chemical and camera from LG Innotek. LG wants to work closely with other subsidiaries for its high end smartphones.

Recently, LG introduced new smartphones include LG Optimus G Pro, LG Optimus F Series and LG Optimus L Series 2. 

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