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February 25, 2013

NVIDIA Tegra 4 Blows Away Snapdragon 600 And Exynos 4412 In Multiple Benchmark Tests

(GSM Insider) - NVIDIA Tegra 4 Blows Away Snapdragon 600 And Exynos 4412 In Multiple Benchmark Tests.

NVIDIA Tegra 4 isn't powerful? At least the benchmark results showed that the Tegra 4 is more powerful than the red hot Snapdragon 600 from Qualcomm. 

When NVIDIA launched the Tegra 4, it's being described as the world's fastest mobile processor. Of course during that time, the Snapdragon 600, Snapdragon 800 and Exynos 5 Octa are yet to announce. Let's see how NVIDIA Tegra 4 goes head to head with Snapdragon 600, Tegra 3, Snapdragon S4 Pro and Exynos 4412. Basically, all these processors are quad-core. 

The NVIDIA Tegra 4 scores the impressive 36,489 points at the AnTuTu Benchmark that far ahead of nearest rival Snapdragon 600. The Snapdragon 600 scores 22,678 points at the AnTuTu Benchmark. The Tegra 3 scores 16,091 points, the Snapdragon S4 Pro scores 11,217 points and the Exynos 4412 scores only 6673 points. However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 might not be the global version that features Exynos 4412 and it could be the dual-core version in the United States.

Basically, the NVIDIA Tegra 4 is far ahead of its nearest rival Snapdragon. No Tegra 4 powered device yet but Snapdragon 600 already has two devices powered by it. HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro are two devices that powered by the Snapdragon 600 to-date. 

Of course Qualcomm and Samsung don't need to worry so much about the Tegra 4. Qualcomm still has the Snapdragon 800 while Samsung has the Exynos 5 Octa that's said to be much faster than the Tegra 4. On the other hand, the users don't need to worry about the benchmark scores as well. This is because benchmark doesn't represent anything but just the specs. 

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