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February 21, 2013

ST-Ericsson To Demo 3GHz NovaThor L8580 Chipset At MWC 2013

(GSM Insider) - ST-Ericsson To Demo 3GHz NovaThor L8580 Chipset At MWC 2013.

Earlier last month, ST-Ericsson unveiled its latest quad-core chipset: NovaThor L8580. It is a new system on a chip (SoC) from ST-Ericsson.

According to sources, the NovaThor L8580 set to make its appearance at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. It is a good time for the OEMs to have a closer look on the NovaThor L8580 chipset.

The NovaThor L8580 is a quad-core chipset that clocked up to 3GHz. Yes! Its 3GHz which is blazing fast for a smartphone. The NovaThor L8580 chipset has a 600MHz PowerVR SGX544 built in the GPU. Furthermore, the 3GHz NovaThor L8580 CPU is said to be able to play nice with dual cameras of up to 20-megapixels, HD voice support, and LTE connectivity.

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