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January 30, 2013

Vertu's Android Smartphone To Cost About $4000, Its Nokia 8800 Legacy

(GSM Insider) - Vertu's Android Smartphone To Cost About $4000, Its Nokia 8800 Legacy.

On last year, Nokia sold off 90% of Vertu's shares to EQT and itself holding the rest 10%. Previously, Vertu is working on high end and super luxury handset under the supervision of Nokia. Since the EQT has larger power, there are some changes on the Vertu.

Since last year, Vertu has announced that it has planned for Android smartphones but we are yet to see any Android smartphone from Vertu. The latest news from Russia stated that Vertu indeed is working on new Android smartphone.

The Vertu's Android smartphone will be the legacy of the Nokia 8800. Still remember the all expensive and luxury device from Nokia? Don't blame yourself if you can't remember because it was an old news after all. 

The Vertu's Android smartphone is expected to be priced at $4000. So those rich guys can purchase it soon. But no date yet on when Vertu going to launch its Android smartphone

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