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December 19, 2012

iPhone 5 For China Telecom Unboxing And Hands On, Reveals It Comes With Lightning Adapter

(GSM Insider) - iPhone 5 For China Telecom Unboxing And Hands On, Reveals It Comes With Lightning Adapter

The iPhone 5 already launched at China Telecom and China Unicom in China last week. Both of these two carriers are the minor players in Chinese telecommunication industry as it is dominating by China Mobile. However, China Mobile not offers any iPhone 5 at the moment. The images below are the iPhone 5 for China Telecom. See how it gets hands-on and unboxing. 

This is the iPhone 5 for China Telecom. The packaging remains the same like other packagings around the world. Nothing much different on the white packaging. 

At the back of the packaging, it showed that the iPhone 5 was designed by Apple and assembled in China. The version is 16GB and white colour. The model number of this device is A1442. The part no. is ME040CH/A. It was manufactured within this year 2012. 

The packaging of iPhone 5 showed some specs as well. It supports CDMA EV-DO Rev A network. So the iPhone 5 only compatible with the network of China Telecom. It does not state whether it supports WCDMA / GSM network.

This is the iPhone 5 for China Telecom that supports CDMA2000 network

iPhone 5 - The tallest iPhone yet. 

Similar design like the iPhone 5 around the world

iPhone 5 for China Telecom comes with accessories like Earpods earphone, charger, USB cable and Lightning to USB adapter. 

The Lightning to USB adapter comes together with the iPhone 5 for China Telecom. It is not available for iPhone 5 in the USA and Hong Kong. This Lightning adapter exclusively available in China.

All manuals from the box.

Finally, the iPhone 5 gets hands on. It supports the CDMA network of China Telecom. But never insert SIM card of China Unicom and China Mobile. 

Conclusion: The outlook of this iPhone 5 is similar like the one available at every around the world. It supports only network of China Telecom at the moment. However, it can use on networks of China Mobile and China Unicom if someone successfully bypass the verification of SIM card. Experts are needed in this issue. 

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